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Chuck G Ross

New Member
Feb 10, 2021
United States United States
About backweighting and clubhead speed. If you just jam a bunch of weight under the grip, you end up with an imbalanced club. My experience is: 1) backweight, 2) grip down on the club so the weight protrudes outward from the but of your hand. This creates a pendulum situation where, when weight is added high, the bottom will move faster. So, add the weight, choke down on the club and the club head will travel much, much faster at impact. FYI - I have a patent (in the 90's), on a back weight device that does just that which was approved by the USGA. Couldn't find money to develop and market it. There are "copies" of my system now available, and I wish them all the best in their business venture.
Howdy Herb , Could you let me know how much weight to put into the grip end of the Driver . Or where can I get your information on how to do it . Your right on all this . Golf is missing out on this . Thank you email address if you want to send information . rosser001@aol.com Be Blessed my Friend

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