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Bad Day at Black Rock


Fac ut gaudeam
Supporting Member
Sep 1, 2004
Its a bloody cruel game, this old thing called golf.

I played in our Club championship last Saturday, 36 holes off the back tips. At stake? The final place on the club's All Ireland Junior Cup team, finals being played next week. In the most amazing draw in the history of golf I was drawn with the Team Captain and the other guy going for the final place. I actually thought "Game on". I've been striking the ball well, I had practised a lot the previous week. The weather was good and I got off to a solid start, feeling good.

Out in 37 (+1) in the morning only to come back in 46 (+10) for a dismal 83. In the afternoon it got worse going out in 47 (+11) only to come back in 35 (-1) for another dismal 82. 165 total and total humiliation, finishing 15 shots behind the winner. Worst thing was I had an 8 (+4), and 2x7s (+3) as well as four doubles. So I was +18 for 7 holes and only +3 for the rest. And to blame? Poor judgement, bad luck and horrible concentration. Take out those bad 7 holes and I actually played well, but I guess you are not allowed to do that.

To make matters worse, my team-mate shot 80 in the morning only to follow it with a 74. He played great in the afternoon and deserves his place on the team. But while he was firing in the birdies I was running up a cricket score. All the time the team captain was making mental notes. That was hard. In actual fact it was the best way to make the decision, but I'm totally gutted that I choked when put under the spotlight. However I didn't curse, throw a club or have any rage tantrums, so I was proud of myself on that count. Just a bad day at the office. Thanks be to Christ I don't do it for a living. I'm still travelling to the finals as a reserve, which should be great craic, but in the end who wants to be a reserve, right?

Anyway, ya gotta take the bad with the good, so I gotta put it behind me.

Sorry for boring you all, just thought I'd share my experiences.

Dave Ireland

I'm sizzlin tonite
Aug 31, 2004
Oh what a shocker Irish, I think we can all relate to that at some stage. There's nothing worse than knowing that yer playing well only for the game to bite ya on da arse. There is something about the head to head competition, not necessarily just matchplay, that some people rise to and others don't do themselves justice. In our club matchplay I was up against a 6 handicapper, receiving 3, and I knew I could take him. 3 down after 5, and just trying too hard, letting him win with bogeys. It was only when I resigned myself to it not being my day and took the heat off myself that I started to play - 3 birds in the next 5 got me back, albeit I lost on the 18th 2 holes in the end.

The Captain's Day from work was last Friday in Trim. Was lying 3rd in player of the year, basically I needed a top 3 with the two guys ahead of me to blow up (best 5 scores from 7 outings to count). Because they thought it was down to a shootout between the 2 guys, they paired them in the same 3ball. I on the other hand got to play with my usual crew. To cut a long story short, they scored 32 and 29 points. I trotted around in 38 points, finishing 2nd overall (missed a 2 footer on the last for the win). I lost the POTY by .5 point, so the perceived head to head shootout of the 2 guys nearly reaped its rewards for me.

Ah well, da boss was delighted with 2 pieces of Waterford Crystal, and barely raised an eyebrow when I tried to explain the "so near but yet so far" aspect of the POTY points.

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