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Ball position


simplicity vs complexity
Apr 8, 2005
When I was taught playing golf as a little boy I was told to have the ball right in the middle of my stance for 7 iron, and with each club move the position about a ball length forward or back. And driver would be at the heel of my left foot.

For example, for 9 iron the ball would be about two balls length back of my stance and 5 iron would be two balls forward of my stance.

For the two years which I played competitve golf as a teenager I took lessons every week but my teacher never correct or spoke to me about my ball positions at setup.

I was browsing through the golf section at ESPN.com and there was a short video of Hank Haney addressing ball positions at setup.

He basically said to have driver just inside the heel of your left foot, 5 iron just a little back of that, and sand wedge just a little back of that but never more than the middle of your stance.

So now I am just a little confused and I would like to know what the rest of you guys think.


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
Haney confuses everyone. He is a terrible teacher in my book.

He will take a scratch golfer and completely change their swing instead of building on the good parts already there. Most guys have a very difficult time with this.
If you are hitting the ball moderate to good, don't worry about ball position. You can change the mechanics to fix the flaws.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
You might try the Hogan book if you want an extensive treatment of the subject. He went into great detail on this subject.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
You want to know what Jack Nicklaus said?
In his book, he says to put the ball in the same position no matter what the club, but always at the inside of the left foot.
Just do what is best for you. Why fix something if it ain't broke?


ST Homeland Security
Aug 30, 2004
Ball position?

I hate it when one or both get stuck in the slot when you're sitting down. Just say no to boxers!

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