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BangOmatic 401 12*


Well-Known Member
Aug 26, 2004
being the type who prefers carry over roll, i decided to try this combination out. its the 401 "nancy" blue bang o matic, shafted with a mercury pro-kevlar inserted 2". the result has been a fairway seeking missle launcher.

the 401 is a little smaller than the reg BOM (duh) and is forged instead of cast. im wondering if the head has a higher COG over the reg BOM as well. whatever its is, this head/shaft combo is producing peircing blasts with a nice arcing trajectory and doesnt ballon up (like my buddys all thought it would). the control is a snap, just aim and pull the trigger. my misses tend to be pushes but thats my fault and not the club's.

the finish on mine is navy blue with a slight amount of metal flake, not bad but i think the black (460) looks better. i was they'd do a black 401.

its not the longest thing ive hit (my 9* bangenstein is longer) but it was built to be a "go to" driver and its filling that roll nicely.


Style guru
Sep 10, 2004
BOM 401

What length/SW are you playing in the BOM 401? I have a BOM 460 and like it very much, but I haven't quite got the right shaft in it yet. It's plenty long, but I have too soft a shaft in it at present, so direction isn't as dependable as I would like. Thinking about going to a shorter length (currently 45"), and possibly a steel shaft like the TX90.

By the way, my BOM is 10.5* and has a very piercing flight, too. After playing with the 460cc BOM for a while, I got a 391cc SMT Spectrum. The "regular" BOM at 460cc has a higher COG than the Spectrum and, I'm guessing, your 401. I found that I had to tee the ball higher to get optimum impact on the clubface, but had trouble finding the right tee height to hit a "burner" under a strong headwind. With the slightly smaller head on the Spectrum, both high shots and low burners are easier to get. Smaller head=more workable. Go figure.

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