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Aug 26, 2004
We have established a premium subscription to support Shot Talks monthly expenses and continue to grow the site.

The subscription cost's $39.95 per year.

With your paid subscription, members recieve;

* Access to the members only forum where the normal rules are essentially non -existant
* PM space doubled to 100
* Arcade access
* Unlimited attchments
* The premium member badge displayed next to your user name
* Your user name displayed in color (bold).
* Your own Shot Talk email account (optional, let me know if you want this set up).
* Gallery space doubled to 10mb
* Prizes! Giveaways to start in March 2006 and will be held every month. Paid members will be the only people eligible to win. Prize value will equal or exceed the subscription price.

It's affordable and it supports the site so that we can attract more members and add more features.

No Paypal account? No worries!
Click on the paypal button. There is a link that says, "don't have a paypal account? click here"

You then have the option of signing up for paypal or using a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card. :)

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