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Beginner Clubs Continued


Well-Known Member
Jun 4, 2005
hey it's jake again some of you may remeber me from the beginner club post a couple of weeks ago i was trying to find some good beginner clubs without spending a trillion dollers well i found some stuff and just thought i would let you knwo about it. Off ebay i got the 2005 Adams GT Tight Lies iron set 3-PW for 100 bucks before 16.99 shipping and a dunlop black hole putter from sport authority for 30 bucks which i am very happy with it's got a nice winn grip too and my most prized posetion a 2005 Adams GT2 10* driver with graphite shaft for 49.00 of ebay!!!!!! new i might add and now im just looking for a 3 and 5 wood maybe even a 7 do you guys recomend one? and shoot me some recomendations on the woods too and im also thinking about picking up the adams 3 wedge system unless you guys have any better suggestions?

Also in the past couple of weeks i played the golf course that i work at almost every day it's an 18 hole par 72 with a Rating/Slope of 69.2/123 my best score so far on the 9 is a 42 and par is 36 so i dont think thats bad consittering i had never even picked up a club untill a little over a month ago, but i maybe wrong. So shoot me some ideas for though woods, thanks a lot