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Best 9 ever and 2 broken clubs!!!


New Member
Sep 23, 2008
Well it was some good and bad today!!! Here is a breakdown of the round!

1st - par 5 - 515 yds. dog leg left.

Drive outstanding down the left side to about 225 probably one of my longest drives ever! Hit my old 3 wood off the deck and just onto the green. 3 putt this is a sad story that continues.

2nd - par 4 - 350 yds.

Drive outstanding down the middle have about 80 yards in 60* onto back part of green! proceed to three putt!!! green was nasty had leaves and a bunch of junk all over it!!! Clean the greens!!

3rd - par 3 - 155yds

Pull my 8 iron to the left chip left short chip on and 2 putt for a 5!!

4th - par 4 - 310 yards

Pull drive with about 50 yards left. proceed to hit chip almost straight right. chunk the next chip / chip onto green with about 25 feet left. oh boy here we go again!!! Go ahead and sink the putt dead center with left to right break!! so a big 5 again 4 over through 4

5th - par 3 - 160 yards

Push 7 iron to off the green chip on and 2 putt 5 over through 5.

6th - par 5 - 480 yards dog leg left.

Duck hook drive into 4th fairway have to punch out from under trees. have 215 left hit three wood to just short of green chip on and 2 putt!!!! for a 6 so 6 over through 6.

7th - Par 4 - 425 yards dog leg right

Don't know why hit my 3 wood and popped it up and had a little over 200 left. Smoked a 6 iron and bounced over the green off the cart path chipped short and chipped on then 2 putted!!!! 8 over through 7!!!

8th - par 3 - 150 yard

9 iron snaps and flies into woods and tee shot goes to left of green i chip on and get up and down somehow!!!

9th - par 5 - 510 yards

smoke drive to just short of 200 yard post!!!! Hit my hybrid to just short of green. Chip to 2 feet from hole and sink the birdie putt!!! So i shot a 43 on a day when my short game was as bad as it has ever been!!! Could have broke 40 easily!!! just need to work on my short game now. got my long clubs pretty well dialed in!!! Was hitting my driver so good today!!!! definitely have a consistent miss now so i can actually aim to the right side of the fair way and have confidence that it will be in the fair way or just off on the left side. Now i will be spending my time on the practice green from now on!! One other question my ball flight with my driver is really low!!! how much would i gain if i was able to get the flight more up in the air? If i tee it higher i tend to hit it to high or sky it. the driver is a 9.5 ft-5 tour.



Hybrid convert
Nov 6, 2007
Congrats on your best 9 ever.

But I only see one broken club, but sorry to hear about it anyway. $hit happens.


New Member
Sep 23, 2008
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Oh yea i forgot to put in there that i definitely slammed my pitching wedge into the ground after hitting a terrible shot and broke it also!!!! So yea i am going to put a ton of time into the short game and get that dialed in! If i were to have put together a half way decent short game i could have been in the 30's!!! liking how the game is coming along and know where i can improve the most!!


Bears fan in Georgia
Dec 8, 2007
yep,..breaking a clubs sucks...you just feel like a idiot afterwards. I try to keep my cool and dont do it anymore.

good 9 holes......just as long as I shoot under bogey golf, I'm happy. ;)

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