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Best club you've ever owned....


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Anyone have a favorite, current or past, golf club that they just love or loved?

Some of us foolishly moved on. Some us geniusly moved on.

Let's hear some of those stories. I have a couple that I could yap about...


The master

Oct 24, 2004
The club I love most is the worst one in the bag it is a old md 52* gw, I have had it since I started it has wore out I have had it regripped about 5 times I love it because of my consistence with it over the years I have hit so many clutch picth and 100 yard shots with it under pressure, i think most players have clubs in their bags which are pieces of crap but they have grown to like me in this case.


The golfer fka ST Champ
Aug 31, 2004
Good question but my answer just tells me I'm a ho. :eek:

I don't have a single club in my bag older than 3 years old. The oldest is a Launcher 5 wood and I'll probably replace it this year. Geez, I really am a ho.

Of the current group the favorite is my putter. Well balanced, feels great and I almost never 3 putt with it. For all of those reasons and sentimental ones as well it will never be sold.

Oh wait, I do have one that's older and I just put it back in. It's an old Dunlop 7 wood. Don't be surprised if it doesn't last the year either. ho. :p


Mikey Dangerous
Nov 29, 2004
I have had my steel head clones since I was 14 (driver, 3w, 5w) . I love the fairway woods. I absolutley bomb the 3w I used to use it exclusivley off the tee for about 3 years. I plan to replace the driver this year but will hold on to the others for a whiel yet. Tehy ahve super small heads nice shallow faces and are swwwet to hit. I got lucky when I picked up these clones. I am alos a fan of my 4 and 7 irons, I can pull off some neat littel shots to get me outta trouble when i need. :D


Fac ut gaudeam
Supporting Member
Sep 1, 2004
The old Billy Boru

An old Mizuno 4 wood, the Billy Boru of my bag many a year ago. the head was tiny, the shaft was gold, and it was my "to go" club, regardless of the lie. I can't think why I ever got rid of it. I think I gave it to some kid.

I hit some outstanding shots with that club, including my one and only double eagle.

AAHHHHHH, Billy, Billy, Billy, where art thou now.....?????


Beware of the Phog!
Aug 26, 2004
My TA1's straight up, i've got them under control now, anything inside 160 is money in the bank, yesterday at the range, i go in the area between these two guys, hit 15 pitching wedges at the green and both guys left with full buckets to another spot, hit the flag twice in those 15 shots, i suppose i was 120 out. i do like my driver, but it hasn't been really predictable and now i've kinda developed a slice i've been working hard to fix and just about have it, i love my wedges too, so sweet and constant, ah hell, i love all my clubs, i'm a careful buyer and haven't really had any "flubs" as far as something i have never absolutely not been able to hit,
H.S. golf meeting tomorrow, i'm gonna go and stare down some freshman and make a statement



Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
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I used to have an old forged Wilson 9 iron that I could work like nobody's business. I think it's still up at the cottage, I have no clue why i left it there....

I also used to have a Callaway Big Bertha Warbird. That driver was oustanding. It had a stock "stiff" shaft in it. I used that bad boy for almost 7 years before switching out. It's funny how any club that you hit a ton, are extremely accurate with or just "can't get rid of" mysteriously makes its way out of your bag in search of something (cough) better.

To this day, I love that driver. My brother has it in his bag, I go to the range and hit it a few times a year. I wish Callaway would make a few runs of a small, Ti VFt faced version of that club. I'd be first in line to buy one.


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