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Best game ever!


El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
I went into the day with 2 rounds to play, one in the morning at my home course and one at a private course I'd never played before for my school team.

Round 1 was disasterous.. I could not swing my clubs. It just felt like I was doing something terrible wrong. 51 on a 35.. I almost didn't wanna play later. I just couldn't hit ANYTHING where I wanted it to go.


Private course, 2400$ a year to get a membership. Niiice place. I left my driver in it's individual hole, and teed off with the 3 wood on holes I needed to. Good god.. the two kids I was playing with were seemingly CRUSHING their drives, and I was always right up next to them with my 3 wood. I even punched one pretty far out of pinestraw!

Once, I was in the bunker (which I don't like, cuz I NEVER practice bunker shots, cuz I'm not usually in 'em). I hit it just right, and it rolled down onto the green about 2 feet from the hole.

On a par 3, about 165, I teed a 6 iron a bit left with probably 15 lateral yards to the green, and 25 to the hole. Lob wedge. 2 feet. Gorgeous.

I finished with a 42, par 36. Having never played the course, and not using a driver (literally never, EVER used my 3 wood in a game before today, and almost never even on the range until friday) I feel I did exceptionally well. The two kids I played with were the closest to me with 44 and 46, and everyone else was 50's and up.

Just had to tell the story.. going into a game where the last round I had was the worst I've almost ever had.. and then playing the best game of my life.

Golf, they call it. Golf, they will play.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Great story...a classic.

It's the game we love to hate...crushing, uplifting, humiliating, thrilling.

I played Saturday after a three week layoff. I did not play terribly well...but I had a great time with my buddies.

I can honestly say that for the next 7-8 hours after finishing- I Felt Better. My karma was better...the Zeitgeist was positive.

It's weird and I cannot explain it...Golf in the Kingdom maybe.


El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
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Yeah, the two kids I played with I didn't really know, and by the end we were like "same group tomorrow?" and "hell yeah!"

I think I dug up a cable line with a wild 5 wood shot though.. still went straight, just not as far as I'd like.. reeaaal high too.

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