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Best golfing anecdote


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Mar 20, 2005
I'm working btw,on call,so I'm not a sad twat posting on Xmas day

My 2 faves,both Hogan

he had to stop aiming at the pins because he kept hitting them,so he aimed at the flattest bit of green nearest the flag to give him a straight putt.When he had a bad round one day,he complained to his wife he didn't score well,so she just told him to 'get the approach shot nearer the hole'.So Hogan aimed near the hole so he could hole it,but not to near to hit it.

In 1952,approx,he was so accurate he helped his caddie replace his divots carefully because he would aim for the same spot everyday off the tee.

Tiger? tst,a few years to go yet my son

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