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Best Nine Since I-Don't-Know-When

David Hillman

Well-Known Member
Apr 15, 2008
Played 18 today with my father-in-law. Front nine was ragged, but after the turn, I was on-fire. Shot 1-over 36, and it really should've been better than that. I missed a couple very make-able birdie putts, and bogeyed 16 and 17 ( neither of which are tough holes ).

Drove in the fairway on 10, and knocked an 8i off the stick. Four foot birdie putt. Pulled my drive on 11 left, punched a 1 iron through a hole in the trees, but stuck a 5i 10' from the pin and two putted for par. Pulled a 9i from the fairway on a 12, and made a sloppy bogey. Par-birdie-par from there, and every iron was all over the flag. 8i to 10' ( missed ), 3i to 3' from the fairway on 14. Even hit two long putts on the last 3 holes, to save bogey on 16 after my drive ended up 1y off the fairway and under an evergreen and to save par on 18.

I haven't shot in the mid-thirties in 18 years, since I was a kid. I went about ten years playing maybe once or twice a year, and was predictably bad. This year I got more serious about golf than I have been since I was a teenager; I replaced almost every club in my bag and even joined Shottalk! Every nickel I spent on clubs was worth it, okay greens fees probably helped, too ;) That was my sixth round this November. I want to play tomorrow but it is supposed to snow three inches.

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