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Big Break Disney-Trailer


Hacker with good intentio
Aug 30, 2009
While I do find the competitions interesting, I did catch myself getting drawn in by the personalities in the last one. I was especially fond of the Irish gal named Brenda. Not that she was that attractive, but she's the kind of gal that I would like to drink a beer with. Never was one for the crap reality shows, but this one seemed to be the exception.

I will agree that the new show seems to have more talented golfers, but so far anyway, none of them seem too interesting. As some have already mentioned, getting on the show because your dad is a Mayor or because you have been kidnapped suggests that the producers are playing the name dropping game to increase interest.

But honestly, who here hasn't sat watching the show wishing they could try the shots the show has come up with? Most of them seem pretty doable, but I'm not so sure I would fare very well with a camera crew following me around.

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