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BLEW UP!!!!!!!!

The master

Oct 24, 2004
I have just finished my round and it was a 14 hole competition and I was on track for another turkey I was -2 for the first 7 I then pared my next and came to the 15 th are 11th and nailed a drive up the middle and had 135 yrds to the green and hit a 9 iron and pushed it into the right bunker and it sat down a bit I then thinned my bunker shot and made double I was very angry but I guessed if I could par the last three I would be with a chance I three putted 16 for a boggie, three putted 17 for a boggie and pared 18 I was so angry but there's always next week.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Let me guess....

You lost against Irish right?

You SUCK!!!

(kidding, you'll kick my ass big time)
:p :p

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