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blocks to the right..


Nike staffer :)
Jun 19, 2006
sorry the topic shouldve been called mental breakdown.

Hey guys,

Can anyone help me out here? I was having a great practice session with the team yesterday and I went Par, Par to start. All of a sudden I found that my group was falling behind and I started to block to the right and hit cut shots that I really didnt even intend on doing.

Is this a mental thing or was it just something off plane with my swing that I couldnt stay consistent? I was trying to hurry my group along that I dont think I placed enough time into my own shots. I have a match tomorrow and well if I see my group is behind pace do I just take my time like the rest or try to speed things along?

Thanks alot


Well-Known Member
Jul 8, 2005
i think people do this out of apprehension, trying not to swrew up.

thus, the mental game inserts itself.

i'm new to this, but if my game slides, i taper my swing back some, but try to follow through.

it sounds like your group is blocking by trying NOT to foul the ball. if you gotta lay back on the swing to gain good contact, you MUST follow through so the club will turn over. because you're hitting softer the ball will stay on longer, thus, the importance of finishing.

complete the swing and count 2 seconds before coming down.

damn, that was easy; if only i could do it...............


Well-Known Member
Jul 24, 2006
IMO blocking = failure to finish the swing.
The next time you are at the range try hitting a few balls without a full follow through. I'm not saying a punch type swing, just a swing that doesn't have a full follow through. Most likely the shot will be blocked.
Then hit balls concentrating on a full follow through to a classic "pose".

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