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Bounce on wedges


Never Say Die
Jul 28, 2005
I'm going to replace my 54 degree wedge with a 52 and a 56. My current lob wedge is a Vokey oil can with 8 degrees of bounce. I'm probably going to match up the set; the 52 also has only one option, 8 degrees, and the 56 has two options, 10 and 14. Which one should I get, 10 or 14? More generally, how does bounce affect shots in both full swings and around the green?


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
Bounce will make or break a wedge.

If you play out of deep soft sand you want as much bounce as you can get.
If you play out of hard shallow bunkers you want less bounce.


Carrollton, TX
Supporting Member
Aug 20, 2005
United States United States
I would tend to go with more bounce on your SW so that you have at least one high bounce club. As OB said, on hard pan, packed sand, or other tight lie you would want to use a wedge with less bounce. Since you will be carrying at least 3 wedges with your set up, you can use one of the other wedges when the lie dictates.

In soft sand and in deep rough, almost nothing beats a high bounce wedge.


Never Say Die
Jul 28, 2005
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Thanks for the tips, having more bounce on at least one wedge makes sense.


Well-Known Member
Aug 23, 2005
third option

You could also go with a SW with a tour grind sole. That way you have more bounce when you need it, and less bounce when you need it for playing out of the firm bunkers. My SW has more bounce when I square up the club face, as I do for normal shots, and less bounce when I open the club face for playing flop shots or bunker shots. Works great from all conditions you will find on the course, all in one wedge. If you don't go that route, ask yourself what kind of sand do you have in the bunkers where you play? IF the sand if soft, go with the high bounce angle. If the sand is firm, go with less bounce. Just as OB recommended.

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