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Breaking the Barrier


Trinket King
Aug 13, 2006
Sounds good so far. One thing I'd add about sharpening up your short game is that it feeds through your entire bag. What I mean is, if you know you are good round the green and can get up and down or make a 20 foot putt it takes the heat off your long game. You become more relaxed off the tee and with longer clubs because you know you have the tools to make a good score even if you miss your target.

When you lack confidence around the green and you know you have to put it close every time to score well you conversely become anxious and tense and tension is one of the biggest killers of a golf swing known to man. Perhaps the biggest.

Keep up working on those putts and like Silver says gradually work your way back from green to tee in improving your game, it's top advice....I think a guy mentions that in his "Little Red Book" and he knew a thing or two about this crazy old game.


Well-Known Member
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Jul 11, 2008
I would say that the thing that helped me get better quick, was to go to the course almost an hour before I teed off with one of my buddies. We would head to the practice green (they allowed both chipping and putting) and start a competition. One person drops a ball and selects a pin, then it is who can get up and down the fastest with just the wedge. You learned really quickly that the only putts that were guaranteed were inside 6 feet, and better to be 4 feet or less. This caused us both to get really good from a variety of lies around the green at getting the ball close to the hole. Now my short game is the strongest part of my game. I am never in a situation where I don't feel like I have a chance to get up and down, and from certain lies a good chance of holing out. If you follow this up with a practice session like you described using earlier you will see major improvement in your game. Keep up the good work.

anonymous golfaholic

Refusing Recovery
Supporting Member
Feb 10, 2010
United States United States

I think he's referring to putts per GIR.

I don't count total putts or total putts per GIR...I just keep a mental note of putts that I missed that I feel like I should have made. Basically I count putts inside 6 feet that I missed...wheather it was for birdie or triple bogey.


El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
I just meant to not get to the green and say "oh man I've already taken 30 putts, I suck!" Just play the game. Do your calculations afterward if you must. Putts per GIR is worth noting, and especially how far the putts were from the hole.

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