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Broke 90 again!


New Member
Sep 23, 2008
And this time it was on a much tougher course!!! I won an incentive and was down in st louis to watch the massacre of the rams!!!! Anyways me and my buddy found a course to play sunday morning before the game. And we found a good challenging course!

Normandie Golf Course supposed to be the oldest west of the mississippi built in 1901. Played at 6500 and had a slope of 125. And man was it challenging!! There were i think 3 tee shots where i could actually see the landing areas! The par 3's were the craziest things i have ever played! I was hitting my sand wedge on a 135 yd par 3 due to the drop off! It was so much fun and really pushed my game. I was struggling with driver on the front 9 then on the back i slowed everything way down and was swinging at what felt like 50% but was still getting 225 to 250 just making solid contact. Just thought i would share my story! Probably winding down to the last rounds of the season.


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