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Burrows M.A.C. Powersphere Driver....


Captain Obvious
May 31, 2005
O.K..... I went to Edwin Watts Golf shop in Pensacola, FL today, looking for an animal Headcover today and I came across the Burrows M.A.C. Powersphere Driver. It looked almost like a golf "gimmick" club until I picked it up and it felt pretty good. It felt as good in my hands as the Ping G2, G5, and King Cobra Comp that I was looking at as well. (I stress "looking" and not "buying" since my wife was within arms' distance.....). I talked with the salesperson and he tolf me it was one of their best selling, lower priced Drivers. A lot of his return customers had told him that they were glad that they bought that Driver instead of buying a very expensive Driver such as the R7, G2, or others. It saved them money.

My question is: Has anyone used or bought this club?? What do u think? Is it a gimmick club?? I know that I get what I pay for and this club is selling there for $100 new. I did see it on one website with a MSRP of $399.

Let me know what you think......Thanks


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
I don't remember if it's Alex Crejka or Thomas Bjorn who's endorsing that driver as well...


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
It is a good driver but you can get them cheap.

I have some 10.5 regular that we sell for $69.95.


Captain Obvious
May 31, 2005
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Are they Used?? I would figure from your site, but I can't find them there.... If they are in pretty good shape, I maybe interested....

Let me know...Thanks

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