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Jan 14, 2005
Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against buying golf stuff off eBay. I prefer to buy my clubs etc from the local dealer though. I have bought some items off ebay with no problems, but no clubs.

Here is a little story you all might be interested in.

Counterfit clubs are everywhere on the market right now. I talked to the owner of the local golf store yesterday and he showed me 2 Callaway knock off putters, damn things had CALLAWAY on the heads. He said some guy traded them, he only gave him $10 for each putter. The guy trading them could not remember where he bought them (YEAH RIGHT!) and he did not argue about the trade in price. One was supposed to be a WhiteHot, well there was no white face on it!

They also had a Cleveland Driver in there, and it was fake. How they found out was from Cleveland, the shaft was a Reg Flex, but it was marked 65 grams. Cleveland told them they never put a 65 Gram regular flex in drivers. Their regular flex is 60 grams. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

They also had a guy trade in some Callaway irons, they looked them over well before making the trade. $500 for his irons and he bought a new set. Four days later the RCMP showed up at the store and confiscated those irons. They were counterfits, and they were so close to Callaways it was scary. RCMP explained the difference to the owner. It seems someone was in the store, noticed those irons, knew they were knockoffs. Instead of telling the owner he called the law. Likely thought the dealer was scamming people. Now the dealer is out $500.00.
So now they really inspects trade ins, they know what they are looking for in counterfit clubs. They contacted all the OEM's they deal with and were told what to look for in counterfit clubs.

All the counterfit clubs he has now will be going back to the OEM so they can try to track down the origins of them. This is a huge problem right now in golf equipment and all the OEM's are working to eliminate it.
I know I would be HACKED if I bought a driver or irons off Ebay, then had a problem with it and found out it was a fake.

It is well documented that Ebay is a well known spot to sell counterfit irons, drivers and putters.
Buyer Beware Don't Get Burnt


I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
Yep, total buyer beware. Be careful where and who you buy from.

I'm careful so I'm confident. Also, always make sure you're aware of the buyer protection policies offered on ebay and that you take advantage of them if you need them.

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