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C3i 65 sand wedge


New Member
Jan 3, 2018
United States United States
I tried the C3i Wedge in earnest. However, it did not live up to the hype! A good friend and PGA professional showed me why. In doing so, he encouraged me to get effective with my Titleist wedges. I took his advice and put more work into my short game to include a myriad of lies in the sand bunker.

My “issue” with this company that I now see sells these “gimmick clubs”, is trying to return it. They tout a risk free full money back return if not completely satisfied. After multiple attempts at talking to ANYONE who could help me with that, I just gave up and chalked it up to me being doltish. I finally received a call back 3 days later after normal business hours, with instructions on how to return this feckless wedge. Then I discovered it cost $21 to return it via UPS. I called them back and was chastised by a “manager” stating that on their website it states “Just send it back. We’ll follow with a full refund (less shipping).” That was the “gotcha” moment! It was buried beneath several red boxes giving a person visiting their site the opportunity to go directly to “buy the club.”

I found it comical how they tout a “RISK ZERO” claim when quite the opposite is true. Furthermore, I never received the “Bonus” of Free Online Access” to their instructional video series on how to properly use the wedge. This was a supposed $29 deal.

So please be careful as to read and perhaps re-read the fine print. The devil is most certainly in the details. I’ll only receive $78 back on my $99 purchase. I’m a retired law enforcement officer. I should know better than to trust anyone! However, I did wise up a bit and connected a few dots. This is the same company that I had purchased the “Square Strike Wedge” from. So while on the phone, I confirmed it hadn’t been shipped yet. Therefore, I hurriedly cancelled that order to avoid a similar mess. Fool me once.....

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