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Callaway Drivers?


New Member
May 15, 2008
Saw I-Mix FT-5 heads on the bay yesterday for like $80, new in the box. I have seen FT-I heads for like $119. Shafts run a little higher, but I can put together a heck of an I-mix combo for less than $250. If you fight a slice, then I would go with the FT-I, Looking for a higher ball flight, FT-I. If you hit straight and want a laser, get the FT-5. The FT-5 Slickpitt has was formerly mine, that is the longest driver I have ever owned. I absolutely despise the fact that I sold it to him.


Well-Known Member
Mar 5, 2009

When talking about the top brands Ping, TM, Callaway the biggest difference will be in the shaft. Try as many different clubs as you can and do not fixate solely on flex (stiff or Regular) but kick point, an launch angle as well. Once you decide on the driver and setup, hit as many of the same driver as you may find one gives you a bit more distance as weld thickness and other constrution factors can make for small differences out of any of the best shops production line.


Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
Always one in every crowd... :( But the Rapture with NVS is an awesome club and I'd use one in a minute if I didn't have two clubs as good... :)

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I believe there were about 4 in the crowd, not just me... but that's ok. I can handle it.

And I would bag the rapture or the FT-I also, they are both awesome clubs. It just seems like I have been hitting the 905R forever now lol

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