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Callaway X Forged Follow Up...


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May 17, 2009
Ok, so I posted another thread asking for opinions about the Cally X Forged. Thank you for the responses. I was on my way to the range to hit them while my daughter napped today (wife said not time for golf). Lo and behold, the economy allowed me to get 9 holes in! Beautiful Saturday afternoon in Michigan, and the tee was open! I played nine, settle down.

So I must say the transition from the DCI 962 to the Cally X Forged should be somewhat smooth. In fact, the Callys are more forgiving. And the distance loss comment did not seem to be an issue. I did notice a slight flight difference...and here is what I wanted to comment on the most. The PX Flighted 6.0's do make a difference, but not what I was expecting. The way these were explained to me (Flighted vs. Non) is that the Flighted are supposed to help the lower irons (3-5) help get the ball UP in the air more, and the higher irons (6-W) a slightly lower ball flight. I would say that ball flight was slightly higher in the higher irons than normal. About the same in the lower irons. What I did notice too though was on a 3 Iron, I pured it and it traveled farther than I am used to, and stopped nicely on a green. That is probably the "new club" grooves working like they are supposed to, but either way, I had a 206 uphill par three that I actually hit on the green and rolled just off the back...something I could have not done with my current 3 iron.

I did tend to pull these irons a bit today, but I always believe that is a product of swing, not club. Could be partially a slight weight difference, but if anything I think the Callys are lighter than my DCIs. Love the look of the club at address, love the feel when hit pure, and look forward to being able to play them again soon. Though the Mizzys probably would have been even more forgiving, the verdict is in...I love these X Forged.

More if my feelings change...


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