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Can you tell me the diffrence between these 2 clubs?


Well-Known Member
Jun 11, 2005
1. Titleist PT20degree metal 5 Wood Pro trajectory PT 20 DEGREE FAIRWAY METAL WOOD

2.Adams Tight Lies Fairway Wood 16* Air Assault

Are they so close that they would not need to be in the same bag? Or so thye have diffent jobs. Which would you carry? I have the adams and was just given the Titlest, I am new to they hybrid thing.. Thanks for your time


Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
First of all there's 4 degrees of difference there. The titleist is a weak 5 and the adams a strong 4.

Secondly neither are hybrids to my knowledge

Third - the PT series are much less forgiving than anything adams could make


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
The clubs are completely different. Both are good at what they were built for.

The adams is a low center of gravity, shallow face fairway wood. It is made to get the ball in the air very easy.
The pt 20 is a pro trajectory, low hitting club that is very good for feel and you can work the ball but they are not very big or forgiving.


Hack Numero Uno
Sep 2, 2005
Personally I dont think either should be in someones bag...MAYBE the adams but Im not a fan of the titleist woods. They are not forgiving at all, and when your playing courses with thick rough or hardpan you might not hit it perfectly square every time. With todays evolved technology I would tell any ametuer to go with a 20 degree hybrid to replace their 3-iron or 5-wood and get a 3 wood with a slightly larger face for some forgiveness. Im getting an Ashton X-1 3 metal as they are the highest COR for their style/size club head for woods. Just a few things to think about. :)

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