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Jan 14, 2005
Ok in case some of you guys from "Down South" wonder about our Canadian tempatures here is an easy to follow conversion chart for you to use. Please copy and print this for future reference :D


Temperature Conversion Chart

50°F (10°C)- New Yorkers turn on the heat. Canadians plant gardens.

40°F (4°C)- Californians shiver uncontrollably. Canadians sunbathe.

35°F (2°C)- Italian cars won't start. Canadians drive with the windows

32°F (0°C)- Distilled water freezes. Canadian water gets thicker.

20°F (-7°C)- Floridians wear coats, gloves & wool hats. Canadians throw
on a T-shirt.

15°F (-9°C)- Californians begin to evacuate the state. Canadians go

0°F (-18°C)- New York landlords finally turn up the heat. Canadians have
the last cookout before it gets cold.

-10°F (-23°C)- People in Miami cease to exist. Canadians lick flagpoles.

-20°F (-29°C)- Californians fly away to Mexico. Canadians throw on a
lightweight jacket.

-40°F (-40°C)- Hollywood disintegrates. Canadians rent videos.

-60°F (-51°C)- Mt. St. Helen's freezes. Canadian Girl Scouts begin
selling cookies door to door.

-80°F (-62°C)- Polar bears begin to evacuate the Arctic. Canadian Boy
Scouts postpone "Winter Survival" classes until it gets cold enough.

-100°F (-73°C)- Santa Claus abandons the North Pole. Canadians pull down
their earflaps.

-173°F (-114°C)- Ethyl alcohol freezes. Canadians get frustrated when
they can't thaw their kegs.

-297°F (-183°C)- Microbial life survives on dairy products. Canadian
cows complain of farmers with cold hands.

-460°F (-273°C)- ALL atomic motion stops. Canadians start saying "Cold
'nuff for ya?"

-500°F (-296°C)- Hell freezes over. The Toronto Maple Leafs win the
Stanley Cup.



I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
Eff that, man. 4* is where I decide that it's cold enough. Colder than that and I won't golf. Colder than that and I have to scrape my windshield (what a huge pain in the ass).

That's why I live where I live. Love it here. It's going to be 14* today and our tee time is at 1:13. Good stuff!

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