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Canadians BEWARE!!! UPS are scamming robbers


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Had to see it to believe it. Rock told me about it, and I crossed my fingers, to no avail. I got backthumped :mad:

I ordered some golf components from California, total costs: 60 USD, which amounts to 75$ CAN. There's also the S/H charges, which amounts to 18$ USD. The lady asked me if I wanted UPS or USPS Air Parcel. I chose UPS ground, as it had a tracking number. Of course, the lady told me I had to pay custom duty fees. What the heck... I ordered before from the US, and some duty fees were okay, like 5-7% of the amount I paid. And I didn't knew the UPS reputation at that moment...
So 10 days later, I get a little notice from UPS that they have a package for me, while I was gone. Checking the notice, they want me to pay 55$ CAN of brokerage fees !!!!!
What in bloody blaze....
So I check customs duty taxes Canada, and check out the tax rate for golf items, and it's 7%.
Then I check the UPS website, where they have a chart for brokerage fee
In short I'm only supposed to pay 19$.... So where does that 55$ comes from?
I'll call them, since they still have my package, and don't intend to pay that insane amount of money.

And yes, I should have checked this website first

EDIT: I called them. Bunch of scammers.... There's 5$ of import taxes, 20$ for the GST and provincial tax, and 30$ for brokerage fees. The reason they give me is they aren't government subsidized....
I'll accept the package and pay it up.

But next time, never use UPS, and instead use USPS air parcel. :canadafla


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
I'll get the rubber gloves and the goose neck.

We'll get that parking cone out yet.

UPS and international shipping are like oil and water. One floats on the other.

I'll take an extra week and 45 bucks less shipping anyday.

It sucks, cost you 55 bucks, but at least now you know.

I feel for you Loop. I'll take up a collection, see what I can get to help you out. ;)

"Attention: Anyone wanting to donate to the 'Loop's Sore Anus Fund because of a terrible UPS shipment' please send their donations to me directly. Thanks."



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Aug 27, 2004
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I'll need some enema and cream to soothe the pain... :(
All donations goes to the "Rockford Foundation For Loop's Sore Anus".
Please send cash, check, money order, xylocaine gel or vibrating sticks.
UPS brokerage fees aren't accepted.


Dude it really really sucks you are getting screwed like this. I'm boycotting UPS indefinately in your honor. I feel for you. Really.

Walk slowly and sit on a pillow for the next fews days and you'll be good to go.


Mikey Dangerous
Nov 29, 2004
Yeah UPS sucks. On a non-golf related note. My borther plays hockey year round. Adn he plays in teh sumemr league that every so often NHLers that are off for the seaon and haev moved back home for teh summer play in it as well. One day after a game Aaron Ashiem (plyas for the capitals) approached by brother to borrow his equippment. Seems the UPs guy that was suposed to deliver it to him stole it. Apparently it happens all the time.

I have heard many a bad stuff about UPS I thought that one was the worst one. Nevermind to fees be lucky the stuff even ever got to youi.


The golfer fka ST Champ
Aug 31, 2004
So your saying it would be a bad idea to show up at our Snow Bird touney in my brown UPS shorts? :p

Just kidding. I don't work for them but had no idea they were such bloodsuckers.


I remember when UPS went on strike here in the United States.

I swore I would never use them again. 2 years later, I was using them regularly like every single of one us Americans that swore them off forever due to that strike...

I like Federal Express and United States Postal Service.

Try the USPS next time. Well wishes to you and yours...

By the way, and Besson can confirm this; I sold a Hawkeye club on ebay a few years back and posted about it on golfreview.com. I hated that club. I mentioned that is was in my backyard and the clubhead was sitting in a fresh pile of shi* that my dog prepared for it.

I promised to clean the club up before shipping. ... so bids were close to $200 at the time, and then I noticed a hairline fracture on the graphite shaft, so I had to mention that, and the bids declined when people dropped out...

Ended up selling it for about $80, but I paid $40 bucks to ship because I was stupid and went to a shipping store that charged for the materials, and foamy crap and stuff...

But the golfer I sold it to sent me an email saying how happy he was and that he was going to reshaft it anyway because it was for his son, who was going away to college...

He thanks me for cleaning the dog crap off of the club.

Anyways, my ebay auction made its away around all the golf forums and the views were very high due to the humor in the post... You may not find it funny, but one of the sentences I wrote in the auction was something close to this, If I can recall: "The Hawkeye driver is built to assist a draw on the club, but what it really means is that you will duck hook your drive straight into the trees every time you use it."

Something like that...

If I may sum up my entire post in one sentence: Lack of knowledge causes a wealth of loss, but you won't screw up like that again when mailing your package.

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