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Can't get any better, Part 2


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Oct 16, 2005
About 6 months ago, I was hitting balls in spain, when the pro walked past and asks 'What's your handicap?' It was 12 and he goes ' What? Your short game must be crap!'... It was, which was right, and he said I should have been off about 3 lol... I practiced my short game so much over the summer, as well as long game, but now my short game's great and I can't hit a fairway or green! WTF is happening to my game?!?! Is there any ways of working on this?

David Hillman

Well-Known Member
Apr 15, 2008
To borrow a line from several recent posts, "Welcome to golf".

This is the way works. You concentrate on one part, and improve it, and everything else goes to hell. Repeat as necessary. Earlier this year, I couldn't hit a fairway to save my life, but my iron play was great. I figured I could halve my 'cap if I could play from the short grass. I worked on it, and am now hitting 10-12 fairways a round... and hitting my irons all over hell. Handicap remains the same ( between my ears, I think ).


She lives!
Supporting Member
Jul 3, 2006
That pro is a douchebag.

As far as short game...practice practice practice!


Well-Known Member
Feb 5, 2006
Keep track of stats. Work on the areas that need it a little more but still work on everything.

To me there is no such thing as "my short irons are good but my driver sucks", no, if that's the case your swing sucks.
Not "you" in particular btw, I mean anyone, especially myself. I've worked on starting out with PW and 9i, glove under left arm. Once I take that glove out I've got to hit the PW and 9 all over a target several times before going to 7 and 6i. If I hit 2 poor shots in a row, meaning not the intended trajectory and/or offline more than a 8-10yds., I go back to glove under arm and start all over. Sometimes I only hit 3-4 drives out of a bucket. Full swing is full swing IMO. If I can't hit a 42* club straight, how can I hit a 9.5* one straight?

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