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CBS did a Nicklaus special.....


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Aug 26, 2004
Pre game....on all of Jack's Master's wins.

What a great presentation! Did you see it?

I found one thing particularly interesting........no logo's

You could see a logo'ed bag maybe in '75 but that was it. Even as late as '86 all I saw was the golden bear logo on Jack's shirt and a double nike emblem on Seve's visor....interesting, I wonder when the PGA got pimped?

Anyway, Jack in his prime was unreal. I used to watch him as a kid but I never really appreciated his talent until much later.


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Aug 27, 2004
He was the greatest ever. In his prime - he had no weakness. could do it all. Massive tee game, great irons - long and short.

And a phenomenal putter.

All the while, he is married and has a good, stable family and homelife. No stories about the kids saying, "Dad was never there for me"...

Let's see if Tiger can put up with all of that. Let's wait until a couple of kids come along and see if he can still get the juice flowing enough to win major after major.

No I missed the program on Nicklaus and would have loved seeing it.


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Aug 26, 2004
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Oh, what a great show!

Loads of interviews with his peers, Weiskopf, Kite, Player, Ballesteros, Palmer, on and on.

So many clips, the old TV tecnology was great to see. I was but a babe when Jack won his first Master's but I remember my dad watching the golf on a small black and white set we had in the late 60's...Palmer, Player, Trevino and Nicklaus....always on top it seemed.

Jack is going to play the British with son Steve on the bag, he recentlty lost a child....it should be a real tear jerker....probably gonna be Jack's last BO.


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Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
He's a dying breed.

You won't see guys like Tiger and Phil playing until they're 50. They'll become uncompetitive and fade away. Guys played more for fun and tradition with that era, but today's guys are in it for cash and prestige.

Too bad. I think Arnold should have packed it away years ago. Jack too. They both really aren't doing much in terms of the game by staying out there.

But they were the best. Better than anyone playing today, that's for damn sure.


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