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changing my shot off the tee


Active Member
Jun 5, 2010
Hey, i;ve been noticing recently in my tee shot a big problem, it goes out about 175 off the tee then just dies the bottom falls out of the ball and it plummets back towards the fairway (or rough) it would easily have gone another 100 yards but it just dies and goes maybe 25ish more yards and its really starting to irritate me does anyone have any ideas what i may be doing wrong if its the distance i;m setting up away from the ball how high or low its tee'd up or if it sounds like its my swing. i just have no idea and am looking to fix it.


El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
You are probably hitting the ball off of the bottom of the driver's face, where there is less loft to generate backspin and lift. Hit the center of the clubface and see what happens. Do whatever you have to do in your setup to make it happen.

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