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Changing to Hogans ways....


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Mar 20, 2005
I definately suggest a good pro first,and its the 'good' bit that is important.There are many that simply can't teach and many that can,just find a good one on recommendation.I go to a great pro over here in Wakefield but I suspect that is a bit to far for you.

Read Hogan in stages,and hit balls along the way,if it clicks then fine,but if you find yourself bemused by the pictures,the grip,the posture,wharever,and nothing is clicking,try a good pro.


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Oct 28, 2006
lessons with video was my best chance at

understanding what I was trying to do, versus what I was actually doing. Nothing, (not a mirror, verbal instructions) can take the place of seeing what your body is doing compared to what you think you are doing. I read books, watched tv and saw a lot of different swings on different websites but I repeat, it took watching myself on video to see what was really going on with my swing.
my 8 farthings worth,


AKA.... Obi-Wan Ho-Nobi
Jan 4, 2006
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Well managed to play nine holes after work today then got upto the range and hit 75 balls.

Firstly the nine holes.

I managed to get an early finish and got to play before it went dark. I have been placing my hands on a club since sunday as per Hogan's grip but hadn't actually swung one until today. Very promising start. The grip felt alien at first, but so did interlock when I changed from baseball style as a kid. 1st shot was pants, a low-ish slice down the right with a 4 iron. After that the iron striking was superb I hit nice high powerful shots, a slight fade on the end but I was very pleased. I used driver on 5 holes & hit lots of big slices with it at first (3 lost balls on 1st driver hole) but on 3 holes I hit very long powerful straight drives. After nine holes i was very excited and pleased with my start. The grip felt strange but the results, mainly with the irons where superb. My playing partner commented on that I had shorted my back swing. I wasn't really thinking about doing that today it just seemed to happen nautrally as part of the change. (Also did the right foot square, left foot flared out a quarter turn, think this helped shorten the back swing).

The Range.

At the range I took 6 iron, pw and couldn't resist driver. Hit mostly with the 6 iron the 1st of which went very straight, long & with a powerful high ball flight. I couldn't belive how well I had been striking my irons with the new grip but then I made the mistake of saying so to my friend. He stopped to watch and I proceded to hit about half a dozen low slices. I then had to change to the wedge and build up from a half swing till I was confident to go back to the 6 again. I probably over did it at the range though with 75 balls. After a while the overlapping finger and my index finger below started to hurt a bit due to my grip getting too tight. This was good because one of my main faults is that from time to time I grip the club way to tight without realising and with the new grip it let me know instantly when i was doing so (with pain). Anyhow I took a little break and proceeded to hit my last 12 balls or so.

On the whole I was very encouraged with my 1st attempt with the new grip. I was a bit concered after the 1st 2 holes of the nine that my long game was gonna suffer a lot until I addapted to the changes. I've heard lots of people say it get's worse before it gets better when making changes to your swing, but I was encouraged with how well I was striking the irons. When i hit a few good drives in a row my confidance grew a lot and now I'm very excited and can't wait to play again. although the range session did remind me that there is a lot of work ahead of me yet.


Talks a good game
Oct 3, 2005
Now I've decided to get some help because I don't think I'll get any lower with out some major changes with my swing. Another reason for the change is that I hurt my back in December and my swing at the moment looks like John Daly's with a massive overswing which isn't helping it. I played recently with a fella from our place who told me to try a 3/4 back swing.


Watching you swing that day hurt my back!

You won't regret it.

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