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Chiropractor thoughts


Not a sheep shagger.
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Dec 30, 2012
New Zealand New Zealand
How many of you guys have used/use a chiropractor?
I've always wondered how good it feels to walk outta there, but was also wondering do you need a real reason to go there in the first place?


I love Hooters
Jul 25, 2005
Augusta, GA
United States United States
I used one after my car wreck. Helped quite a bit.

P.S. Still haven't located the rangefinder, but still looking.


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Dec 24, 2007
South Central Wisconsin
United States United States
I was a huge pessimist when it came to chiropractors. Huge. Because everyone I knew that had went had to go back all the time...so what were they really fixing?

I had a reoccurring back problem for a couple years, it would flair up every other month or so to the point where I could barely walk.

I finally couldn't deal with it anymore so I finally gave in and headed down to the chiropractor after numerous recommendations...couldn't hurt anymore than it already does...so what the heck.

I didn't feel any better walking out the first time...however, after about 5 sessions in two weeks, I was walking without any pain what so ever. None. I'm now getting back into lifting because of it. Absolutely made my life better. Gave me lots of exercises and stretches to do so that I don't have the same problem again. Basically said that if I'm back in there, it's my own fault...and it's been 5 months so far without any back pain. I have better posture as well...didn't realize how bad my posture was before he pointed it out.

I hate myself for not going earlier. A lot of pain could have been avoided.


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Oct 21, 2008
I endorse chiro care. It was a huge success for me in 1989, curing my severe sciatica. The trick is finding one that practices getting you fixed and OUT of his office rather than STAYING in his office 2X a week for eternity.

^^^^This. Do not sign up for any stupid plans. PT is great too.

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