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Classified Ads - posting requirements!!!

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Shark skin shoes
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Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Welcome to the Classifieds section!!

Here at Shot Talk, we promote the continued lives of old clubs and bags gone by. And that's why we have the classifieds, to feed the club ho in all of us. Whether it be that old Scotty Cameron or a beat up pair of golf shoes, throw it in here. One man's trash is another man's treasure!

We only ask for a few simple requirements.

1). Your ad MUST contain a price or example of trade. No "PM me with offers".

2). Please try and give a detailed description of your item. Loft, lie, shaft(s), grip type, condition, ect. Pics are a great asset to a sale!

3). Please don't post SPAM type ads in here. The Shot Talk Dogs will be on you like flies on stink. :diespam:

4). Expect that if you're asking too much for an item that it will be pointed out. There are ALOT of Ho's, er, "enthusiasts" on this site who are always looking for a bargain. Don't take it as slander, just making the buyers aware of the market.

Thanks everyone. I'm going to be pretty tight on these rules, so please do your best to abide by them. Continued ignoring of any of the above will result in possible ad deletion!


Classified Ad Cop:cool:
Not open for further replies.

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