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Cleveland CG14 Wedge


Well-Known Member
Feb 1, 2006
Does anyone know if these new CG14 wedges will rust? Reason I ask is that I bought one this year with the Black Pearl finish and the finish is just about worn off of the face. On Clevelands website it says they're using a new metal:
"CMM™ material composition is a metal so revolutionary that it has transformed the future of golf club design. CMM™ metal originated with Cleveland Golf's award winning CG10™ line of wedges and today is the metal of choice when it comes to Cleveland Golf's patent-pending irons.

Filled with microscopic carbon spheres, CMM™ metal is the first dual composition, light density metal to hit the golf market. This innovative new material feels noticeably softer, yet more solid than typical forged or cast carbon steels due to the microscopic interactions of millions of carbon spheres infused into each CG wedge and iron. These interactions enhance internal dampening in order to soften disruptive vibrations at impact."

I haven't seen any rust, but can't figure out from the description above whether or not these will eventually start to rust, I'm thinking since it's a carbon steel it's probably going to rust?