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Cleveland's Zip Grooves


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Aug 26, 2004
I have the CG 12's and a set of Eidolon's.
The Eidolon's blow the Clevelands away.

I'm not a good wedge user but I can usually stop the eidolons within 18 inches of where the ball lands.
The Cleveland's just keep on rolling along.


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Feb 1, 2006
I can't say from personal experience, but all initial reviews of the 8620's state otherwise...

Interesting, I read some of the same reviews and read the same thing, but personal experience showed me otherwise. I'm no great or even good wedge player, but for 4 days down in North Carolina last fall I used a new 53 and a 58 and on full shots these things will skin a ball pretty good. I know you're a Miura fan, but you ought to pick one of these up and have a go. Nice wedges, not sure I like the shafts though...funny enough my favorite wedge shaft is the crap OEM Cleveland shafts, but I like the soft feel of them.


bring da lulz
Jun 4, 2005
I hate a soft shaft in any club as I prefer the solid feel and flight control of a stiffer shaft. I really dig the the kbs shafts pretty well, those are designed by the same guy that designed the project x right?

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