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club building = great bonding time


Supporting Member
Sep 23, 2004
Holy smokes, what an experience! My son and I had a blast working together to build him a new set of clubs! (3W, 5i, 7i, 9i, W) He is a pre-teen and, as some of you know, these are some delicate years. It seems like we are butting heads more and more but not this time. This time it was just 2 guys, 4 beers (2 of which were of the "root" variety), some cutting stuff, and some glueing stuff.

I was very conscious of what I did not want this evolution to be. I did not want either of us to get frustrated and rude nor did I want this to be a son watching his dad build his golf clubs. He is almost 12 and more than capable of doing this stuff himself. So, our compromise was that I took care of the more delicate graphite shafted clubs and he took care of the steel shafted clubs. We read tip trimming instructions and cut. After cutting we prepped the shafts and mixed the epoxy. Got all the heads set-up last night and let them sit overnight. Tonight we cut them to size and installed the grips. Unfortunately we ran out of time tonight so we have to wait until tomorrow night to hit them at the range.

So, building from scratch is quite straight forward and also, I will never again pay someone else to regrip my clubs. Installing grips is stupid EASY and takes only a few minutes!


ST Homeland Security
Aug 30, 2004
The grips need to set overnite anyway...

Great approach to the process and it'll pay dividends. Kudos dude.

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