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Club Championship at the w/e - Brutal conditions.


Fac ut gaudeam
Supporting Member
Sep 1, 2004
So I played in the CC on Saturday. 36 holes for a man with a flakey hip was not a prospect I was looking forward to. Especially in 25 mph winds. So I was hedging my bets on completing both rounds. Full of tablets I completed the first 18 in an 81, (+9). It was like having a fight with Tyson, just brutal conditions, wind and heavy showers. Putting was especially hard. I was happy enough with that effort, I even had two dueces on Par 3s.

Afterwards I was preparing to make my excuses to retire when word got back that the best score of the morning was an 80!! That's a bunch of guys playing off 1,2,3 indexes. So I was lying jnt 2nd in the clubhouse!!

I HAD to play in the afternoon. A brief restbite of soup and sandwiches then saw me reaching for the Ibubrofen and a fresh pair of socks, I decided to give it a shot! Unfortunately the flat stick didn't co-operate and with a lost ball early on, I never really got going. Despite hitting the ball quite solidly I didn't get any breaks and finished with an 84, disappointing. My playing partner putted his way to a fantastic 78 (with 27 putts!) and some spectacular up and downs. I was sure he was the winner. Later I found out that a guy had gone round in 75, which was phenominal scoring, given the conditions. So 156 (81,75) was the winning score, normally around 144-147. Ha! That's links golf for you.

So I shot 81, 84. Normally that would be an embarassing score, but given the conditions it turned out not so bad. Given a few breaks and a few less putts I could have actually been a real contender. I ended up 8th from a field of ~35 limping my way round the last 18 like a lame hunting dog!

I'd love some of you guys to expereince playing in conditions like these.


Well-Known Member
Aug 31, 2010
Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa South Africa
Awesome man, congrats on the scoring considering the conditions as you mentioned being not favourable at all!! Yet you put up some decent scores there! once again well done.


Well-Known Member
Staff member
Aug 13, 2006
Playing in conditions like that really give you a good barometer as to how good of a golfer you are. It doesn't just take sound mechanics but sound mental toughness as well!

anonymous golfaholic

Refusing Recovery
Supporting Member
Feb 10, 2010
United States United States
I would love to experience those conditions too! Just to have a chance to play across the pond would be awesome...I've never been out of the country.

I played in an event two years ago, in March, if I'm not mistaken. I had never played the course. The temp was in the mid-30's. It was spitting rain and sleet. Worst thing though was the wind. It wasn't constant but it was gusting so hard that they were having a hard time keeping the flags in the cups. I remember early on, the greens had sleet on them and when you would putt, the ball would kick up slush and leave a trail all the way to the hole. It was insane, they should have called the tournament off. There was several people that dropped out and got their money back. I had just drove 3 hours, so I definitely wanted to play. Plus, I play year round, I'm accustomed to those kind conditions and I thought that would give me an edge. I had on two gloves and so many layers that I couldn't hardly make a full swing. It was a trip. At the end of the day, no one broke 80. I shot and 82 and won my flight by 4 strokes and only 2 guys in the entire field beat me. I won a nice little glass trophy, that is sitting on my desk as I type this.


AKA.... Obi-Wan Ho-Nobi
Jan 4, 2006
Our scratch comp was played the same Weekend but over sat and sun. 76 (+5) was leading the way after the saturday and he went on to win with a 80 on the sunday for a total of 14 over Par, the highest winning score I have ever seen! Wind and rain was brutal.

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