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Club Fitting Advice Needed ASAP


Dark Star

Hi All. Total noob here. Well, not a noob golfer anyway.

So I am in the market for new clubs and am going to go the custom fitting route. There are two local shops I am looking at to get fitted. One is my local Golfsmith store and the other is just a local good gold store.

I was going to get fitted at the Golfsmith primarily due to their name and reputation in the industry. I spoke to a guy there and he seemed pretty knowledgable and gave me a good feeling.

A guy at my local shop seemd to know what he was talking about as well. They have all the tools and a launch monitor and all that.

Neither store seem to be authorized fitting centers for any of the major manufacturers.

Do this matter? What makes one fitter better or worse than another?

I'm all ready to go spend the $$ on new irons, but just want to make sure I get fitted right and make a good decision rather than second guess myself.

Any help greatly appreciated.


simplicity vs complexity
Apr 8, 2005
just who ever you feel more comfortable with, I don't really see one better or worse from your description


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Aug 26, 2004
Welcome aboard Dark Star!

I agree, I doubt it matters much. I have had good experience with Golfsmith and never heard of the other so that tells you where I'd go. ;)


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
If the local shop is small they may not have a great selection of shafts. If they do I would go that route.

Golfsmith, while having a good selection trains their employees to sell what they want them to sell and that may not be what you need but close.

Dark Star

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Thanks folks. I decided to go with Golfsmith. It was a pretty cool experience.

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