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Club Limit

Do you think carrying more than 14 clubs would help?

  • Hell yes the more I carry the more I can break

    Votes: 10 38.5%
  • No, wrapping 18 clubs around a tree is more expensive than 14

    Votes: 16 61.5%

  • Total voters


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Jul 11, 2008
I am starting this thread due to some of the comments I saw in another thread on the possibility of using multiple different balls, and clubs in a scramble round.

I personally would love to carry more than 14 clubs. I would pick up two more woods, and another wedge. While fewer clubs leads to more creativity with how to hit a shot with the clubs at your disposal, more clubs would lead to even more creativity with shot type during the round. There are shots that you just can't hit without a club designed for it. Right now I carry a driver and 5 wood. I simply can not go at a green from 255+, but you give me extra clubs, and I would have a 3 wood, and probably a driver that I can hit off the deck. I also have a big gap between my 5 wood and 3 iron which would be filled with either another wood or a 2 iron. Then I would add in a 64* wedge. Would these clubs change the way that I play most rounds, probably not, but having them would be a big boost where I could hit a full club rather than jumping on or laying off of a club. I would also probably carry a lefty 7 iron. For that one time every twenty or so rounds where it would come in handy.


Hybrid convert
Nov 6, 2007
When I hacking around on my home course I normally carry 15, but thats just because I can't seem to decide between my Tee 4 wood and the Cobra 2 hybrid.

One day I hit one better, then the next its the other way around. If one or the other ever performs consistently better I'll settle on 14.


shottalk newbie :)
Apr 13, 2008
It is the wedges for me. I keep a bunch in my trunk and have to make a decision every round on which to bring.


Never Lay Up
Supporting Member
Jul 10, 2007
More clubs would be great. Just think, WBL could have one bag for irons and another bag for drivers only.


Golfer on hiatus.
Supporting Member
Jul 25, 2007
Madison, Wi
United States United States
Nope, no need for that many. I have played with as few as 3 clubs & did just fine.


Well-Known Member
May 8, 2009
Since the rule is for formally sanctioned events, I don't have a problem with someone carrying 3 clubs, or 30; good luck walking! For recreational golfers, I don't have a problem with it at all. I can see someone not being sure deciding between a different wedge; or a hybrid or long iron. If you need so many clubs maybe you need to re-evaluate your game.

Even if I was playing someone for money, I wouldn't care. They still have to hit the shots...to each his own. I've always been a fan of less is more.


Clubmaking Ho
Supporting Member
Apr 21, 2007

I would really like to see the USGA/R&A cut it back to 10.

I wouldn't have a problem with that. Back when I was sophomore in HS I carried a 7-8 handicap playing nine clubs: Driver, 3W, 3i, 5i, 7i, 9i, PW, SW and putter. The next year I finally got a full set and my cap went down but it wasn't because of more clubs, it was because I practiced and played more and got better. :laugh:


Right Curving Driver....
Supporting Member
Dec 22, 2007
I think it really won't help a bit. As Wi-golfer said, when you play with 3-4 clubs you realize for an average golfer 5 or 10 is about the same...


Mental Ward Escapee
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Oct 18, 2006
I forgot!
United States United States
14 is plenty! One needs to work with those 14 to know you have equal distances between clubs and all gaps covered. If anything, I think the occasional golfer would have a chance of scoring better with less clubs... rather than more.

More than 14 would only cause brain cramps. Can I hit the 7 wood better than the 3-hybrid? It's too easy to question your club choice and make a bad swing.

Leave it at 14.


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Jul 11, 2008
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This is definitely not going the same way that I expected. I would have imagined that with the amount of hoing that went on at this site everyone would have voted for more than 14 clubs. So here are my response to the most common dissention from this option

1. You don't use all 14 of your clubs in every round - this is true. I can not remember the last time I used every club in my bag in one round. Yet on any given round the clubs I use are different. This is why I carry 14 because the opportunity to hit each of them is there each and every time I tee up the ball. This logic continues for an increased number of clubs. If you have more than a 10 yd gap between any two clubs you would benefit from having an extra club in the bag.

2. Hitting different shots with each club will make you more creative - WHO CARES!!! This is probably the dumbest excuse I have ever seen. The average golfer would benefit from not having to be creative, but rather being able to hit the standard shot with a different club to get the desired result.

Just my opinion. I am enjoying hearing what people are thinking on this.

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