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club size for a new junior golfer



Thanks in advance for any info you may provide. My 10yr old is wanting to take up the game. I played in high school and college but not when I was growing up. He is 5'2" tall. I have found a set of clubs for him that I like but am unsure if they are long enough. The driver is 39", and the only iron length listed is the 5, which is 35.5". The rest(7,9,sw) are all from the same set. Would he be able to play these for any length of time? Would I be better off getting him a less expensive men's set? Or even a women's set that does't look like women's clubs? Once again, any help you may give is greatly appreciated!


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Aug 26, 2004
Hi Jax, welcome to the board! :)

I have a 9 year old and an 11 year old. They started out last year.

I got them an off the shelf junior set which is fine. I want them to get the swing basics down before I get them an adult set, which would be too long for them at this stage of the game.

I have 3 adult sets waiting for the right opportunity to be distributed....when you become a club ho, you usually have lots of extra stuff lying around. :)

If you feel ambitious, you could build your own and cut them to any length you want. Golfsmith has a beginner builder set that costs $99 and comes with an instruction book and all the basic tools needed to build your own clubs.


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Dec 5, 2004
Hi jax, welcome!

I'm not sure if those are the perfect size for someone who is 5'2, but I do know that those are definitely shorter than standard by a few inches (about 5" shorter on the driver and about 3'ish inches on the 5I.)

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