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Club you've gone through the most this year


Golf Course Designer
Aug 9, 2006
I'm just surfing the net after just having gone out to the shed to regrip my new driver, an Adams 9032LS Speedline. And all the sudden it dawned on me, out of all the clubs I've changed this year (all except my 3w/backup 3w and putter (insight 12* and TM HFS r7 and my pro platinum)), I've gone through soooo many drivers!

So I figured to ask, where are you going through clubs in the bag so far this season? And if you are dropping in a certain spot a lot, go down the list.

For me it's just the driver. In order:

-Adams 9032LS 8.5 SNV6 (if the shaft doesn't quite measure up the next one to go in will be a devotion 65-X)

-Adams 9015D 9.5 Accra SC65. Once the 9032LS is in play I'm putting a whiteboard 73-S in and that will be in the backup bag.

-R9 TP 10.5 (played it 2 open at 9.5) with both SNV6 and SVS6. This thing just went nowhere for me, still trying to get rid of it... Looks nice at setup though and really liked the feel, too bad..

-909D2 9.5 Fubuki 73-S. Really enjoyed the look and feel of this driver, but then all the sudden the ball started dropping and went nowhere every so often, thought it to be fake for awhile but then found out it wasn't, at this point with the loss of confidence it was time to go.

-R7 425 stock RE*AX x-flex. Nice driver, but just used it early along with the 983k until I got the D2.

-983K 9.5 Aldila NV 65-S. This was my first ever new driver, old faithful, will never sell, get rid of, or lend it out. If I ever have some weird difficulties I pull this out and hit some and my swing just comes back. I'd compare it to a gf on the side that when you fight with one you just go see the other and have a good night ;).

So 6 drivers so far this year.... yikes. Lets hope the 9032LS stays in, if not the 9015D has been performing decently enough to finish out the year as a temporary gamer.


I've got the pants that'll make you dance!
Supporting Member
Jun 11, 2007
Portland, VIC, Australia
Australia Australia
Woods for me too (funny that). Started the year with:
Titleist 905 S with UL 780 - just can't stop hooking the damn thing. Probably shaft not stiff enough.

Hibore xl with S+ Pershing - nice ball flight and plenty long enough just every ball finishes 10-15 yards right of where I'm aiming due to closed face.

DCT with bimatrix - hooked this bugger too. Can't tip trim the bimatrix and doesn't feel strong enough for me in the stiff.

Tm burner tp (07) with creation- this thing is yet to put a foot wrong. Do tend to get a little pully with it at times but that's my issue not the clubs.

Orlimars trimetal (yep the real old school ones). - been going great guns. Never had a 5 wood so that's completely new instead of the 2 iron (still miss it at times) but the 12* is replacing the titty 975f and cally steelhead plus which I had just lost complete confidence in and was topping and fatting.

My miss with woods is pretty much always right and these bad boys have me sorted and going ballistic at this stage. They'll stay for quite some time


Hybrid convert
Nov 6, 2007
Drivers, didn't even have to think about it.

Leaned up against the wall, FT-i, FT-5, Renegade, J33R, Infinity TKO, in the bag, HiBore XL. They've all been in and out of the bag this year at one time or another though.

I rotated my irons twice this year, started out with the TM Rac mb's, switched back to the Srixon's, gave the TM's another chance to redeem themselves and went back to my Srixon's.

Well, I do rotate putters, I love my Circa 62 #2, but refuse to play it when the greens are wet or there is a chance of rain.


It's in the hole-ASSCLOWN
Mar 30, 2008
Lets See....This year it's a tie, Fairway woods/hybrids, or wedges

FW-Cleveland Launcher>TM 200>Titleist 904F>Callaway Steelhead

Hybrids- T/A Silver Scot>Cobra Bafflers>None

Wedges- Golden Bear M86>Acer XC>Maltby M Series>Nicklaus DS

What's funny is that i probably right now I have the least amount of money wrapped up in the bag than when i started.


Right Curving Driver....
Supporting Member
Dec 22, 2007

Wilson Staff 52-56-60
Which changed to Adams TW PVD,
Which changed into Cleveland CG14
Which are about to change to Nakashima's NX1


Well-Known Member
Feb 5, 2006
Putter's and hybrid. Hybrid is locked in now, putter is like whatever. I putt like $hit no matter what I use. I took a 50yr. old Spalding "cash-in" out one day and made no difference, exactly same putting.


Trinket King
Aug 13, 2006
Drivers here too

G10 to Tour Burner to L4V to FT-i and back to the Tour Burner.

Putters - I've had Scotty SD1, Circa 62 #5, Del Mar, Callaway TT3 - have them all still....much to swmbo's annoyance alongside my old Ping Anser and Slighter...oh and an older Wilson. I game the Del Mar - look at the SD1 and take the TT3 out to strip joints. That oe is my guilty pleasure.

Can't wait for MG to spot this thread - he may crash the server......


She lives!
Supporting Member
Jul 3, 2006
Technically, one, the hybrid.

I've only bought one club this year. :D


Well-Known Member
Apr 24, 2008
N. Texas
United States United States
I played my new adams A4 sunday. Longest drives I have ever hit. (no, not 300 or even 275..) lol, not always in the fairway... but quite noticably longer than my Adams as03 or old beat up x460. it has the OEM Matrix in S flex. several holes, I looked back to the tee and was happy :)


Well-Known Member
Jul 6, 2009
Hrm... I replaced my 5 year old Cleveland irons with Titleist AP2's. But that's it. I've had the same driver for 3+ years. Same putter for 5 years or so too.

It's crazy how many clubs you guys are going through. Mine usually last several years...heh.


Jan 2, 2008
Changed from the r7425 to the R9.

Changed a snake eyes hybrid to the TM TP's.

Changed to a vokey spin mill 60 from the z-groove.

I've changed from the Del Mar 3.5 to the Byron Channel Island.

The most changed has been balls.
1) Maxfli Tour Fire
2) TM Burner TP
3) Pro V1x
4) Tm TP Red
5) Maxfli Tour Fire
6) Pro V1x
Finally back to the TM Tp Red


Well-Known Member
Staff member
Aug 13, 2006
Drivers I've had this year...

TM R5 TP 10.5* w/ blueboard- loved it, wish I still had it

TM R5 TP 9.5* w/ blueboard-made me a believer in the fact I need 10.5*

Titleist 905R w/ blueboard-kickin myself for selling this one, never hit a driver so long or accurate

Titleist 905R w/ NV 65- nice but not nice enough

Cally FT-5 Tour Neutral w/ epic- ok, but not great

Cally FT-5 Tour Draw w/ blueboard- nice but...well Mdubbya has it now

Cobra Speed Pro D 10.5*- definitely not for me

Adams XTD Pro 10.5*- I actually like the look at set up and have not had it long enough yet to know whether its staying or going. I like the look and may get a blueboard for it if the YS Q doesn't work out. May get a BB for it anyway since thats my fav shaft.

I think I've had other drivers, just can't think of them at the moment...


Supporting Member
Sep 23, 2004
I've had a few drivers and juggled my fairway woods a bit but the most is without a doubt my hybrid.

Ping G10 -> Cobra Baffler DWS -> Adams Idea Pro Gold -> Adams A4 -> Adams Idea Pro -> Sonartec Md -> Bridgestone J36


Rules Nerd
Supporting Member
Mar 9, 2005
The only thing I have changed in my bag this year is my driver.

Beginning the year I played the Nike SUMO2 square.

I bought and tried a Nike 5900 for 2 rounds. Yuk.

Sold both and picked up a 2008 TM Tour Burner TP w/Speeder.

That worked well until it lost the club championship for me on Sunday. I hit 60 balls on the range with it tonight and didn't hit a single one decently.

Time for a change I guess....

Every single other club I have I have used since at least last year. I haven't even had any concern to start swapping stuff.

Playing the best golf of your life sort of keeps you playing the same stuff. Giving away the club championship because you have to punch out 6 times forces a change.

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