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Cobra Comp Problem


Planet Love Tron
Feb 19, 2005
Cobra Comp Problem *UPDATE*

I got a new Cobra 454 Comp for Christmas. Today as I was hitting at the driving range something broke loose in the head. Now there is a small rattle in the head. The shop I got it from has offered to send it to Cobra for free or fix it by pulling the shaft and removing the rattle. Problem is if they do it voids the warranty. If I send it in I'm without a driver for 2 weeks. So here are my questions:

-What is the probable cause of the rattle?
-Should I let the shop do it or Cobra?


Well-Known Member
Supporting Member
Aug 26, 2004
Probable cause is a bit of epoxy which has broken loose.

You either reshaft it or live with it. A rattle in your driver adds a certain charm if you ask me. ;)

Welcome to the board, btw. :)


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Let the shop do it. More than likely, they have a clue about club construction and components.

A simple re-shaft is easy for a trained shop. I would have them address the issue, as a 15 minute fix is better than they same thing being done 1500 miles away and it taking 2 weeks.




I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
I say you send it in to Cobra. Hit a 3 wood for a couple of weeks or get some kinda lender from the shop. Warranty is worth more than having a driver for 2 weeks. Can you imagine if you get the shop to do it and then 6 months down the road, the head explodes and you have no warranty? Not cool.


Planet Love Tron
Feb 19, 2005
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So I called Cobra Monday and told them about the problem. They said I had two choices...
1) Send it in for repair which would take a few weeks or
2) Go to any authorized Cobra Dealer and have the dealer call Cobra for an immediate replacement authorization.

I went to a local dealer (Heritage Golf) and the dealer was a bit skeptical that any company would do that. He told me that he had never seen a company authorize an instore replacement. He called Cobra and in 5 minutes I was walking out with a brand new driver.

I've been a loyal Cobra user for almost 10 years now. Their commitment to service will ensure that I remain a loyal customer. I also now have a new golf store that I will frequent because they were willing to help me out.

For those of you who are looking for great equipment from a great company I recommend Cobra (Acushnet) and all their brands.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Man - great story. Thanks for passing it along. While I have never had Cobra equipment in the bag - I'll keep this in mind...


The golfer fka ST Champ
Aug 31, 2004
I got a SZ 3 wood for Christmas and have been very happy with it. Good to hear that Cobras customer service is that good if I need it.

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