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Cobra SZ 400


Well-Known Member
Jun 28, 2005
I just got this last week in regular flex. I am a high handicap player with a slower swing. I finally got to play this past weekend with it. One thing is for sure, the thing lets you know you've hit it because it is pretty loud. I like it.
Performance we pretty good, though I was on an unfamiliar course and did not get to accurately tell if it is shorter or longer than previous drivers but it is much easier to hit I think.
Though, it is probably from just getting used to it, I feel I didn't hit it really really good yet as I was missing a lot of fairways and I kept leaving it left a little bit (I am a lefty) so I think it's just something I got to get familiar with. But overall I am pleased. Even though I didn't hit it really really good yet, no golf balls really "got away" from me, meaning no slices screaming away from me into a nearby lake as with other drivers throughout my golfing history. It seems to hold a line pretty well.
The design (the two dimples on top and the snake which I do not like) does not bother me at all and I thought it would, but Cobra is supposed to be for the more higher handicap players, or at least that is how I believed the company to be percieved.

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