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Completely Cleaning house... Drivers, wedges, shafts, fairways



Sep 2, 2006
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Any T25 torx bit fits the weights, that's all the "wrench" is.

You don't still have that VS Proto 85g kicking around? I'm assuming it's a .335?

you still have that vs proto?

Sorry for the late reply. i have been super busy recently so all i have been checking is my PM's.

Yes i still have it. Yes it is .335. I bought it with the intention of putting it into an r7 tp 15* wood, so i am 100% certain that whatever hosel diameter the r7 tp fairways are is what the vs proto tip size is.

Professional pull, no damage whatsoever. Very clean.

If you have serious interest, please pm me. I probably wont be able to check this thread for a couple of days

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