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Consistent club head speed?


simplicity vs complexity
Apr 8, 2005
Was at Golfsmith again today getting my 2 iron reshafted. After getting everything all settled in I went to their practice net and start to play with some of the newer clubs that I haven't seen before. (I haven't played for 5 years; the Taylor Made R7 feel very nice and easy)

I clock in at about 95 mph for my irons, 105 for 3 wood and 110-115 for my driver.

Should I be trying to keep my club head speed around the same for all my clubs? or is it ok to be swinging faster with the driver? I don't try to do swing faster with longer clubs intentionally and I always tell myself to swing easy and smooth.

And how is tempo measured? It shows 1 for all my clubs.


Well-Known Member
Mar 16, 2005
your swing speed is going to be faster with the longer clubs and for me, i try to keep the same tempo with all my clubs depending on certain shots of course.


ST Homeland Security
Aug 30, 2004
The difference in speed is due to the club length. Longer clubs have a longer arc, hence more time to gather speed. It's natural.

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