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Crooked Tee Box Help


Well-Known Member
Jun 25, 2009
The shot that gives me the most fits is the the crooked Tee Box...if the Tee box is pointing right of the fairway or my intended line I fall apart..I will hit about 60% blocks on that shot and 30% hooks...My preshot stays the same...tee up..check landing area...pick a spot 2-6 feet infront of my ball and try to hit the ball over that sport..never looking back to the fairway..however I cannot pull this shot off...I dont know if it is a visual reference thing or what..but it KILLS me...the course I play the most has 4 or 5 such tee boxes..I know i square my body to the line (at least I think I do) but I am guessing I still take the club away on the line the tee box is facing...any thoughts or ideas?


Well-Known Member
Nov 16, 2008
I have one particular hole at my home course that is exactly as described. It seems that no matter where I aim or how I try to work the ball I end up going right. On this particular hole the perfect tee shot is left of the 150 marker. If you are 5 yards right of the 150 marker you have a horrible angle into the green that has an ovehanging tree and a bunker. I've tried just about everything.

What works best for me and has helped me overcome this hole is switching to a hybrid off the tee for this hole which makes it much easier for me to get the angle set up for the second shot although I end up with a 160 yard 2nd shot instead of the 100 to 130 yard shot I would have with a driver or 3-wood.


I love Hooters
Jul 25, 2005
Augusta, GA
United States United States
Use a line on the ball like for putting, except tee it up with the line pointing where you want to go, square up to the line.


Well-Known Member
Jul 24, 2006
Half the tee boxes at my home course are aimed somewhere other than the middle of the fairway. It's no big deal for me.

Try picking a spot in the fairway where you want the ball to land. Stare at it as you get set up and take one last look before you start your backswing.


Well-Known Member
Aug 15, 2006
Yeah this happens at most every course... mine is no exception for sure. No real trick to it... try not to pay attention to the tee markers and just line up and smoke it.


Hybrid convert
Nov 6, 2007
I can relate to this thread all to well. The par 5 on the home course is like this. The tee box is aimed at the driving range for some insane reason, WAY right of the fairway. The hole is a dogleg right, but the tee box is pointed to the right off the green, and no where near the fairway. For the longest time my ball always ended up there, in the driving range. Now with a line on my ball like Doc suggested, and lots of concentration, my ball only fades over to the ridge that separates the fairway and the driving range, :confused:


Well-Known Member
Jul 24, 2006
To add to my earlier post have someone check your alignment at address. It could be that your club face is pointed at your target and your body is aligned with the tee box.


Well-Known Member
Dec 19, 2007
Chicago, IL
United States United States
I always walk from behind all of my shots to setup my alignment. Every pro does it so there must be some value to it.

three puttz

Well-Known Member
Mar 30, 2009
Pick up one of the two markers and put it where it belongs :D
I hate that crap... who's the freakin' superintendent at these places?? Ray Charles?? No disrespect intended to any blind visitors ;)

In all seriousness, it annoys me too - but luckily hasn't really affected my results. Try your best to ignore it - just like the rest of this game, it's mostly a mental battle.


Mental Ward Escapee
Supporting Member
Oct 18, 2006
I forgot!
United States United States
The USGA Rules of Golf define the teeing ground as up to two club lengths back from the tee markers. I always tee my ball at least a club length behind the markers. If it's just the markers askew... that will take the focus off those.

On some courses, the entire tee box is not "square with the world". One of the courses we regularly play has the #10 tee box pointing towards a creek along the right side of the fairway. If you allow the tee box to determine your line, you will donate a ProV to the fishes. I attempt to take all those references out of the mind by, again, making sure I tee up way behind the markers. I attempt to leave the ball "lonely", with only it and the target as my points of reference.

Try moving the ball back from the markers. Just the act of doing that may be enough to overcome the visual aspect of misalignment.

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