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custom clubs help


Well-Known Member
Aug 18, 2005
im new to the forum (and golfing) and would like some help. im 6 foot 5 and regular factory clubs dont fit me. i went to get fitted and was told i needed shaft length +2. but cant find any. unless i spent $450 which i was looking more for $150-$250 please help me , thanks


Well-Known Member
Aug 12, 2005
Have you considered going with clones? They can custom fit you and get you into a set at a reasonable price. Some people don't care for clones but I've had good experiences with them. I bought a set from golfideas.com and am very happy with them. grgolf.net is another site I've seen, but have never purchased anything from them. Good luck...


Well-Known Member
Jul 16, 2005
I was in your boat a few years back. I am taller then most and needed something longer.I found some nice clones on ebay and asked them to make em 2'' longer then stock. Cost me $145.00 and I hit the ball so much better. I knew I needed longer shafts cause I made up a set of longer irons out of old clubs just to try. Ebay is the place to look and they have so many to pick from.I wanted a good set but didn't have the money. Best $145.00 I ever spent on golf.


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
You can have extensions installed for the price range you are looking for. If they are steel shafts you can easily go plus 2 inches but that is as far as I would go.

I have 3 pros that are as tall and taller than you and 1 1/2 inch is the longest extension they use. If you trust the person fitting you if not please get a second opinion before spending the money.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
I have played with a 6'5" and a 6'7" golfer for years. Standard clubs will never work for a golfer of this height and unfortunately you must come to grips with the fact that it is going to cost you more as a result.

My friend who is 6'7" got new irons about four months ago and went with a +1 shaft and 5 degrees upright. This results in a lighter club than a +2 because every bit of additional length adds weight. Not only is your height a factor but the distance from your hands to the floor. So you Must be measured before doing anything - and it wouldn't hurt to get measurements from more than one clubfitter just to compare.

IN any event - professional clubfitting for you by a reputable individual is critical. You can either hurt your back or never have a chance to play decently if you are not properly fit.

As for myself, I do not like clones and do not support their concept. If you are on a tight budget, find a good clubfitter and explain what you can spend. They can talk with you about a wide range of options including good new quality components or used pro-line equipment that could be reshafted.

I'll be frank...try to pry loose a bit more money. If you can get your budget up to $450 or so - the odds that you can get a really good quality, custom set are pretty darn good.

Finding the right clubfitter is the correct first step. Ask friends or check yellow pages. Call first and explain on the phone what your needs (height) and budget are and see what they suggest.

After 3-4 calls, your own judgement will lead you from there...Research, Research before you leap...allthemore due to your height.


Well-Known Member
Sep 23, 2005
I am 6'7", and had to have +1 added to my irons. It helped a great deal.

Of course height does not mean more length, but I am assuming length of hand to ground does?

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