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Custom Specs


Trinket King
Aug 13, 2006
I have a query that I'm sure you guys can clear up.

When I use a web-fit chart for my set up I always get the same results. I am 6ft 1 and wrist to floor on my left side is 37 inches and the result comes up +1/2 inch shaft length and 2up.

Like here for example Golf Club Lie Angle

Now, am I right in thinking that the with a longer shaft the upright issue becomes compromised? What I mean is, does the extra length compensate for the lie angle - longer = more naturally upright.

I ask because today I hit some clubs that were +1/2 in length and the one that sat best for me was actually 2 degrees flat. Now, this isn't quite that simple. The web-fit is based on a lie angle for a 6 iron of 61 degrees but the spec for the iron I hit is 62.5 dgrees. So that puts it at 60.5 which is only half a degree off the standard on the chart above. Ping has me 3 degrees upright on their sight - yikes. I reckon extra length and more upright would make it too upright, this is how my FTXs were done and after initial success I just hooked everything, which fits in with a too upright lie.

So basically the lie is standard per the chart and the extra length looks after the requirement for a more upright lie. Is this right or have I got muddled here somewhere? I drank heavily in my 20s so it's a fair chance my brain fails to cope with alll this - in fact trying to work this out has me reaching for the whisky right now.

It just felt right at +1/2 and 2 flat - before I do anything silly I just wanted someone with a more nimble mind and better knowledge of this kind of thing to help me out - now, back to the old malt comforter.

If you're not confused well done, cos I got last in the 2nd para. :confused:


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Jun 11, 2007
Portland, VIC, Australia
Australia Australia
IF I remember correctly (and thats a pretty big IF), its interrelated between wrist to floor and lie angle. I'm the same as you, 6'0'', 1/4 inch longer and 2 degrees up. But for instance I could have had them 3/4 of an inch longer and standard lie angle. Or 1/2 inch longer and 1 degree up. Basically 1/4 of an inch for each degree you go up or down.

I THINK..... :biggrin:

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