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D-I-Y driving cage/practice net


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May 23, 2005
I hit the local course this weekend in my continuing efforts to build some kind of game. Short 9-hole mostly very short par 3 holes in the 150-300 yard range. It's a GREAT course for a beginner such as myself.

This kind of course emphasizes the short game/irons. I hit them pretty well and overall was satisfied with my distance while my accuracy needs alot of work.

However, there are a couple par-4 holes where you can actually hit a driver off the tee. While I can hit balls OK most of the time at the range, I simply cannot hit off the tee on the course. Some kind of mental block or something but also I need much practice on my swing mechanics.

I want a backyard hitting cage that I can practice my drives with and my low irons as well. In looking at some prices this weekend, I've found they are VERY expensive to purchase ready to go. I am entertaining the idea of building my own - just a big 10' X 10' X 10' PVC cube shaped thing I can stand in and swing away. The most expensive part would be the netting. Also PVC hit directly by a ball would probably shatter but really, replacing a section or even full piece would be pretty cheap.

I think that if I could just spend some more time getting good contact off the tee then I could work on getting it straight. But right now I don't even come off the tee well - I'm guessing I'm topping the ball as the hits are generally worm burners or low profile that fly 1 foot above the ground before landing 100 yards away (usually in the perfectly placed creek designed to challenge beginning golfers). I know I won't be able to see ball flight but I think I'll be able to tell when I'm coming off the tee well enough on a regular basis.

Anybody have any experience with practice nets? Are they a worthwhile investment? Anybody ever build their own?


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Aug 27, 2004
If you're looking for something inexpensive, get a 10' x 10' tarp, that's no more than 20$.
There's very little rebound, and works nicely.


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Sep 10, 2004
I built my own indoor practice facility (customized an old garage by raising the rafters in one section). I used 1.5x3 lumber (the poor man's version of the 2x4) and built 8x8 rather than 10x10. Lumber was easier to fasten together, in my view, and little if any more expensive. You're right in that the netting was the most expensive component, at around $100 on eBay. Having sides and a top is worthwhile if you occasionally hit a bad one, especially if there is anything nearby that you wouldn't want to hit with a stray shot. Building my net indoors, as I did, I definitely needed 3 sides and a top.

As to using your practice net/tarp, I would simply caution you to check your results on a real range from time to time, just in case you're hitting the ball solidly but wayyy off-line. Ingraining bad swing mechanics or a faulty swing plane isn't good, but a practice facility in your back yard is still better than no practice at all.


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May 23, 2005
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Thanks for the tips.

I picked up a cheapie at walmart - 10' wide by 8' high. Standing close I shouldn't send anything off to the sides but if I do I just have a big hill w/ trees behind my house with a warehouse on the other side of that.

I figure this is good to get started. If I need to I can return the one I bought and put the money towards building one.

I might try the tarp idea too - sounds like it would work nicely for what I need.

And I'll be sure to check my hits at the range. I do go to the range at least 2 times a week but at 7-8 bucks a bucket - that adds up quick!

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