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DC retautant recommendations


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Apr 16, 2005
SWMBO and I are headed to DC this weekend and are looking for recommendations on can't miss places to eat. We're pretty much all set on what we're going to go see there, and have been studying the Frommers guide for eateries, but any personal recommendations would be awesome.

We'd like to keep it on the inexpensive side (Entree and Wine for 60 bucks or so tip in), and the only no go is seafood. Anyone have any cant miss spots?

Pa Jayhawk

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Nov 15, 2005
United States United States
This is actually in Springfield. If you like ribs, they have some of the best "fall off the bone Babybacks" you will ever find. Mind you, I spent a great deal of time around KC BBQ. Great atmosphere, the site has the menu so you can check price. Decent Homebrew as well. Their blakened prime rib is good as well, but shy's in comparison to the ribs. THeir "Chop House Salad with Bacon" is a very good way to start and they have good rolls that are like Butter soaked golf balls.


This is the first exit south of the Beltway off 95. It is located only about 2-3 blocks off 95. It has a great atmosphere. I will warn, they do not take reservations, and waits can be even 1-2 hours for dinner. Usually less than an hour for 2 people, we waited 2 hours for 7 people once. They do however do "Call ahead" seating, which we found out about latter, where they will put your name on the list, and assuming you show by the time they mention, you're in quickly. Lunches usually have little waits either. We would usually call from the hotel when we were getting ready to leave from about 45 minutes away, then when we got there it would only take about 10-15 minutes tops. They should be able to give you a fairly accurate, estimate with the call ahead seating, and it is explained on their site.

It is the only restaurant I have found that I will wait that kind of time for, and we used to drive down to DC, eat there, hang out in the hotel and eat breakfeast the next morning, and drive home.

It is also not to far from Alexandria and Mt. Vernon if you plan on going around that area. It is setup in an old Warehouse, fixed up really nice inside. Big and airy.


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Apr 16, 2005
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EXCELLENT sandwich shop - Potbelly Sandwiches:

Fun pool hall/bar/hangout: Buffalo Billiards at Dupont Circle:

There are also a ton of good restaurants at Dupont Circle if you just wander down there you're sure to find something you like.

Have a good trip!


Thanks Hottie - Looks to me like these are a lunch type of setting. I think we'll be sticking close to the Penn Quarter for lunches. For dinner I think our style for this trip is quaint (think a French or Italian place for couples) where we can enjoy some peaceful time together.

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