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DelaCruz CP-Ti CP1 33" Titanium body putter

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May 5, 2008
United States United States
Here is a beautiful, unique putter deigned by Dick DelaCruz. Plays @ 33" with a Winn AVS PCI corded midsize pistol grip. I will include an extension if needed. Head weight is 365g iirc.

Sorry for forgetting the date pic guys. Gnat brain here!

$65 shipped

More about this putter:
"Veteran club designer Dick DeLaCruz, whose name now sits above his own golf company, invented the DeLaCruz CP Putter Line, consisting of the CP1 and CP2 Ti models and the Bolero 1 and Bolero2 models. The two CP models have “Wolfrum 90” inserts and Titanium bodies and are, in fact, the first 100% commercially pure milled titanium putters. The Bolero models are made from Stainless Steel with a “Micro Alloy” insert and two “Wolfrum 90” counter weights. All of these classic designed putters create exact weight, loft, engraving and many other characteristics from one putter to the next. Both putter models use Wolfrum 90, which when combined with the CP and Bolero models, creates the largest concentration of mass available on a putter and places the center of the mass right on the ball, no matter where you strike the putter on the shiny stuff. Wolfrum 90, for all you metallurgy buffs, is a gray-white heavy high-melting ductile hard polyvalent metallic element that resembles chromium and molybdenum in many of its properties and is used especially for electrical purposes and in hardening alloys. Because of its high density, it can only be polished with diamonds to create a mirror finish. The feel, touch, and distance control of this putter will be sure to bring many smiles to putting artistes’ faces – this putter plays as good as it looks!
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