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Demo'd a few clubs today


Hack Numero Uno
Sep 2, 2005
Cleveland was having a demo day at the local Golf Galaxy today so I stopped in to check it out. I haven't seen the actual ball flight of the new Hi-Bore driver but just going bu specs on the launch monitor I am impressed big time! They said only 15 or so guys were playing this new driver but its the longest and straightest of the new drivers out there. I currently play a Titleist 905S 9.5* w/ a YS6 shaft and on the lauch monitor I was getting ~2,700 rpms of spin and a 12.7* launch angle. Thats what I bought the 905. Well this Hi-Bore I tested today was only spinning 1,700 rpm's with a 15* launch angle and I was actually hitting it with a slight draw so on a dead straight ball the spin would be even lower. They also told me Stewart Cink has one of these wrapped in his sasquatch driver head cover hehe. But I have to bow down and give Cleveland props for building that club. As ugly as it is to look, the ball still comes off the face hotter than a handgun and the performance is pretty amazing.

I also got fitted for some clevelnd irons. I tested the CG4-tour and the CG2's. I like the looks of the 2's better because Im not a fan of offset irons. They think my best bet would be to get SW-6iron in the CG2 and then get 5-4irons in a CG-4tour since its a little more forgiving. Then I could use a hybrid for a 3-iron replacement.

Anyway I just wanted to shout out to the Cleveland golf guys and say their equipemnt is top notch and I am almost considering buying all new clubs.